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Naturally grown. Ethically produced.

Wisdom For Health (WFH) is a collection of wholesome, naturally grown foods and personal care products.  Our consumables are free of artificial chemicals and harmful preservatives.


Grown under the shade of taller trees, WFH's Coffee from the Golden Triangle is derived from the fruits of Arabica shrubs that thrive in altitudes of 1000 to 1600 meters above sea level.  Naturally grown without chemical pesticides, the roasted beans are very aromatic, mildly sweet, has a balanced body and taste that is unique to the Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triangle Coffee is a gourmet coffee with a grade of over 80%.

Our coffee farmers from the Golden Triangle receive fair trade prices for their produce.  Our coffee is 100% Arabica, single origin of mixed varieties - yellow bourbon, red bourbon, pink bourbon, catuai and catimor.  The coffee fruits are carefully plucked and processed.  The seeds or beans are slowly dried and cured before roasting.

Now, you can enjoy your morning coffee from the Golden Triangle, knowing that you are helping to push back a drug problem.

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Golden Triangle Coffee Beans (Honey Processed) – 500g
Golden Triangle Coffee Beans (Honey Processed) – 500g
  • $33.00
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Golden Triangle Coffee Beans (Honey Processed) – 500g


  • $33.00

When you buy our WFH Golden Triangle Coffee Beans, you participate in our work to help the tribal communities of north Thailand find hope and freedom from the evils of poverty. By growing coffee as a cash crop in the rich fertile mountains, these marginalized tribes become less vulnerable to the...

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