Meet Our Disabled & Underprivileged Communities

These are just four of the many special people groups you can impact through the purchase(s) you make. Whichever you pick, you’ll release the blessing that comes free with every purchase: Hope.


Widows & Single Mothers
Life isn’t always fair; but you can help redress the balance. Show your compassion for the widows and single mothers in our community through a simple act of kindness – the act of shopping. Help them find new purpose and meaning in life through your affirmation of the work of their hands.


Slum Families
When daily life begins and ends in a slum, your perspective can get depressing. Will you extend a helping hand to the families mired in this existence? Your purchases can help them break out of the cycle of poverty. Instead of sieving through garbage for food and items to sell, they’ll be able to learn a skill and create beautiful crafts for income.


Child Labourers
Imagine having to slog from dawn to dusk, making 1000 bricks for only US$5. Or rummaging through trash for something to sell. That’s what millions of children have to do, to help their parents. Your act of kindness – the act of shopping - can help free them from a life of hard labour, and give them a brighter future.


Rehabilitated Street-Ladies
Street-ladies are forced by adverse circumstances to offer sexual services. Many are single mothers and do not have the skills to obtain better paying work. You can help the community of street-walkers who are undergoing rehabilitation by purchasing the handiwork of their hands. Give them dignity and a new-found purpose through a simple act of kindness – the act of shopping.