Corporate Gifts that Give Back

Corporate Gifts that Give Back

Building rapport with your employees, and staying top-of-mind with your clients and partners is important.

Recently, the 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey which polled 7,800 people across 29 countries show that consumers are increasingly buying products and services provided by socially responsible companies, and the masses flock to them for work opportunities too.

Instead of the usual gifts like hampers and thumb drives, here are ways you can do good, while doing well.

Who are we?

ACTSmarket is a one-stop marketplace that enables other social enterprises to work with the underprivileged and handicapped to hand make crafts for a living, helping them to live with dignity. By showcasing nearly 200 handmade products, we offer you a chance to give them hope and a sustainable livelihood through a simple act of kindness – the act of shopping.

In this light, ACTSmarket presents our CSR Gifting Guide:

1. Customisable corporate gifts

As our products are handmade by the disadvantaged, we provide customisable gifts such as having your company logo sewn/typed on, or notebooks or pouches or tablet organisers with name embroidery.

Here are our top picks:

On top of that, we can include a story card which can have your company logo and message printed on one side, and the story of the beneficiary who handmade the product on the other side. This will tell the story of the product to your staff/clients/partners.

For more information on our customisable corporate gift offerings, kindly contact us here.

2. Charity bazaars or company event

We can bring life and joy to your next company event or bazaar!

Pop-Up Booth @ Agape Village for CANA Film Festival (Sep 2016)

We can set up a booth at your company’s charity bazaar or event to sell products handmade by disadvantaged. We can also invite our Social Enterprise partners to be at your charity event (some of them would bring their beneficiaries along which allows for interaction between your staff and the beneficiaries).

You may even involve your staff in the selling of products. If you would like to gather your staff to own the event so that they can organise and sell the products at the booth, we are more than happy to provide introduction and training to your staff to equip them to mend the booth. This would give them an opportunity to be directly involved in lending a hand to our beneficiaries for a chance at sustainable livelihood.

3. Exclusive Coupon Codes – EDM blast to staff

We can provide exclusive coupon codes for your company’s EDM blast to encourage individuals to purchase products handmade by disadvantaged.


Show others that your company cares – about equal opportunities, social justice and helping the needy make a living. Simply choosing the crafts made by the disadvantaged for your next corporate gifts made. This gives them great exposure for them to share their skills and stories too.


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Kristel Tan
ACTS Community Reporter

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