The Novo Green Tea Story

Huai Chomphu is a village nestled among the mountains of the Golden Triangle in North Thailand. Sitting within Huai Chomphu is the Novo Green Tea farm, owned by a drug rehabilitation centre. The farmers of Novo Green Tea are undergoing a year-long rehabilitation programme to leave a life of drug abuse and trafficking. The programme consists of cold turkey treatment, behavioural change, skills training, and spiritual formation. Motivated by a desire to leave their old lives behind, they begin a new life together in mutual support.  

Farming and tea-making are therapeutic and also instil work discipline. The product of their collective effort is Novo Green Tea. The sales of Novo Green Tea go toward covering their rehabilitation costs.

Freshly Hand-picked. Traditionally Processed

Novo Green Tea is cultivated in small quantities using the traditional method of organic farming. The young buds and leaves of the tea (Camellia S Sinensis) are hand-plucked, sun-withered, roasted, rolled and then dried over smokeless charcoal to achieve its flavour and health benefits.  The result is a cup of tea that is refreshingly pleasant, yet layered with a fragrant, pandan-like flavour. Drinking Novo Green Tea can help reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Who are the hill tribes in the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the area where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers. For decades, the Golden Triangle area has been a major producer of drugs in Asia.  

The hill tribes are semi-nomadic, ethnic minorities who live in the mountains of the Golden Triangle. The main tribes are the Karen, Akha, Lahu and Lisu. In the remote mountains of Myanmar and Laos, the drug syndicates lure poor hill tribe farmers into cultivating poppy plants and processing drug with generous rewards. Whole villages sometimes end up being hooked on drugs. The young men, with their familiarity of the mountain terrain, are used to traffic drugs across the borders of the three countries.   

Many hill-tribe families have migrated to North Thailand, attracted by the better economic opportunities there. However, they are not granted Thai citizenship, unless they are born on Thai soil. The lack of citizenship limits their employment options, making them easy targets for drug syndicates operating in the Golden Triangle.  In Thailand, the youths and young adults are mainly used for trafficking and drug peddling. Generally, tribal villagers are targeted by drug syndicates to do their dirty work with massive sums of money. In a desperate bid to carve out better lives for themselves and their families, they succumb to temptations. The drug addicts and paddlers then start to introduce drugs to their friends and communities. Many end up trapping themselves in an endless cycle of addiction.

Help Fight Drug Trafficking With Drinking Novo Green Tea

Each cup of Novo Green Tea is a fruit of their labour of hope. Savour a refreshing sip of Novo Green Tea while helping these former drug traffickers receive a new breath of life.

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