M-Power aromatherapy soaps are 100% natural and perfumed with the premium essential oils. The  soap symbolises healing and empowerment to those who made them — former victims of sex trafficking in Kolkata, India. Some are trafficked from Nepal into India. Poverty is the main reason why many became victims.

Soap-making empowers them to leave behind their life of shame and embrace a new life of dignity. Experience the soothing and refreshing power of using M-Power Soaps while bringing hope and healing to these abused ladies.

100% Natural Ingredients

No parabens. No SLS. No synthetic perfumes,  colouring or additives. 
Simply put, our soaps are eco-friendly and kind to your body.

Empowered With Essential Oils That Soothe, Heal and Cleanse.

Scented with premium essential oils, M-power soaps destroy pathogens while gently moisturising your skin. Indulge in a spa-like experience at home. Let the soothing aroma relax your mind, body and soul. As the oils infuse into your skin, they can boost your biological functioning –  improve your heart rate, breathing and immune function. Reduce stress levels,

The Soap Story Behind M-Power

M-Power Soaps support a social enterprise in Kolkata, India that empowers trafficked women to leave the sex trade with confidence. After years of abuse, many are broken inside. Many are disempowered.

We empower these women by providing them with an alternative employment: soap-making. Supported by a community, they experience hope and restoration as they journey together through their recovery process.

Care is given to ensure these trafficked women make soaps under good working conditions and receive respectable wages for their work. They also have the opportunity to receive training for managerial and administrative positions.

Who are these trafficked women?

Every year, thousands of victims are forced into India’s sex trade by families, or are tricked into it by pimps. An estimated 4 million women and girls are trapped in India’s sex industry today. Over 95% of them are victims of trafficking.

These women are treated like slaves in Kolkata’s dilapidated brothels. They are raped, severely beaten and threatened in the initial period of initiation.  Then held in debt bondage for years. Isolated from mainstream life by shame and stigma, the possibility of a norma life beyond four walls is non-existent to them. Some try to break out by becoming brothel managers or pimps themselves, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

Nameless, neglected and rejected. These women suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. Even after they are rescued, rehabilitation is a long-drawn process which can take a lifetime.

Experience the healing power of using M-Power Soaps while helping these women take their first steps towards restoration and a new life of dignity.

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