The Freedom community consists of about 100 members across 28 countries who are members of the Freedom Business Alliance (FBA).  FBA is the only global network connecting freedom businesses and providing them with solutions to human trafficking.   FBA members are referred to as "freedom" businesses because they exist to fight human trafficking and commercial exploitation of vulnerable human beings.  These Freedom businesses support more than 2,000 freedom jobs.  The majority are survivors of human trafficking. 

     By rehabilitating and providing dignified employment to victims ( many were young girls sold into prostitution in third world countries), Freedom businesses empower them to free themselves from bondage. The local Freedom community also supports them to live out a new life of hope and dignity.  



Stop Re-trafficking. Buy A Mask.

ACTSmarket, a social enterprise, is a member of FBA.  We are partnering with FBA to support 3 NGOs and social enterprises from Nepal, Bolivia and Israel, by getting orders for  face masks sewn by their workers.

The economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has not spared them.  Many Freedom businesses have seen their normal sales revenue fall drastically, almost overnight. To keep afloat, they've turned to making masks. If they run out of cash and lay off their workers, many would be at risk of being trafficked again.

     You can help keep their jobs.  
     Buy our Freedom face masks.  

     ACTSmarket is the distributor of Freedom face masks made by the 3 Freedom businesses below. 

Purnaa, Nepal

Purnaa is an ethical garment manufacturer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. They aim to provide marginalized people and survivors of exploitation with a fresh start. Purnaa is guaranteed Fair Trade status by the  World Fair Trade Organization. Today, they have over 75 staff and continue to dedicate themselves to have a positive social impact and environmental sustainability.

A view of the Himalayas in Nepal

Sutisana, Bolivia

SutiSana was founded in 2010 and offers a new and abundant life for their artisans. In Aymara, the indigenous language of Bolivia, “Suti” means name. In Spanish “Sana” means healed. When a woman leaves prostitution, she often adopts a new name as part of her healed identity. At SutiSana, she receives many benefits, including health insurance and a retirement plan. She and her children are supported by the SutiSana community, and given opportunities to grow – learning to design bags, working with new materials, and  coaching other women as they leave prostitution.

A stall-holder in a bazaar in Bolivia

KitePride, Israel

KitePride is an impact-driven lifestyle brand. The social enterprise restores the lives of women and men exiting the sex trade.  Many were impoverished victims, lured with the promise of jobs in the cities, and then trafficked into prostitution. 

KitePride re-purpose the sails of kitesurfing kites, parachutes and wetsuits, to create beautiful, lightweight and durable bags. Tabea Oppliger founded KitePride in 2007 after developing relationships with trafficked individuals. She found out that they all wanted the same thing: OUT. But financial debt, trauma, lack of skills or education prevented them from doing so. They weren’t looking for pity. They were looking for jobs. KitePride was founded to help them.

A section of the mediterranean coast of Israel


 Trendy bars along the mediterranean cost in Israel

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