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Growing up in an impoverished family, Mr. Yeoh Seng Eng managed to defy the norm and achieved a promising career with a multi-national company. While working in the Philippines, he was moved by the sight of many desperately poor families eking out a living sieving through rubbish for things to sell. Together with his wife Chwen, Yeoh started a livelihood project to help slum families make pressed flower calendars and other products for sale. Since its founding in 2000 in the Philippines, Care Channels International (CCI) has grown into a charity organization that spans 6 countries, helping the poor in Asia break out of their poverty cycle. CCI believes that equipping the poor with basic work skills is essential to move them from dependence to dignity.

Today, CCI provides a broad range of services to the poor and needy: medical services, food provision and education sponsorships. They also train the poor on how to produce gift crafts such as pressed flower cards and calendars, and cross-stitched cards; or making creams and essential oils. Eventually, these products are sold and the revenue generated are channeled to the poor as a sustained source of income. Thus far, these efforts have touched over 800 families, provided education for over 1,400 children and fed more than 2,500 malnourished children. These programs touch the hearts of the poor, restore their confidence and most importantly, give them dignity and hope for their future.

Indeed, liberating the entire Asia from poverty is a long grueling marathon. But every cent and every seed of love sown brings us a step closer to the finish line. Together, we can empower the poor and needy to live normal lives with dignity.

Throughout its 15 years of operations, CCI has expanded into other parts of Asia. Today, we see their active service in these countries.

Meet the Slum Families Blessed by CCI

 “I am 54 years old this year and the main caregiver for my grand-daughter. My husband, Alfredo, is a jeepney driver and works only twice a week. He struggles to support us as his earnings are not sufficient for food or to even pay the bills. Three years ago, I was introduced to Ms. Minda from CCI. A group of mothers and I would gather at her house to learn how to create pressed flower calendars and cards. After learning, I would bring home the raw materials of dried flowers, paper and glue. While caring for my grand-daughter at home and doing my daily chores, I would craft these cards and calendars.

Every week, I would bring the completed cards and calendars to Ms. Minda and collect my income based on the number of cards or calendars I have made. More than that, I would also like to sincerely thank CCI for engaging my grand-daughter under Care Channels’ child sponsorship program so that she can pursue her education.”

Ms. Teresita
Living in Payatas, a slum in the Philippines

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