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Our face masks are hypo-allergenic and safe.   Coated on both sides with an anti-viral and anti-microbial nano-film, the protective covering is effective up to 30 washes* .  It also deodorises the mask and keeps it fresh. 

Fusion Resonance Technology c/w Negative Ion Generation

The coating uses fusion resonance technology that binds nano particles of ionic silver, ionic copper and ionic titanium dioxide to the fibres of the fabric.  It traps and destroys coronavirus, bacteria, mold and fungi that cause foul smell and endanger our health.   Unlike other disinfectants, our coating does not use chemicals to destroy germs.  

*  Up to 30 washes - 99.9% effectiveness is indicated when the liquid is sprayed on the surface just before the microbes come into contact with it.  We cannot guarantee that after some time, the coating will continue to destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria because it depends on how the mask is used and washed. Scrubbing and the use of harsh detergents will remove the coating quickly and therefore its effectiveness. 

After the coating has been on the mask surface for some time, its effectiveness lies in reducing the viral and bacterial load in aerosols that land on the mask surface.  

  • The nanoparticle size is 2-5 nm while COVID-19 particles are 120nm in size.
         Virus particles are 
    unable to penetrate the protective coating.
  • Coating shatters single-cell organisms within 30 seconds
  • Able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi upon coating
  • Removes odours and harmful gases 
  • Food grade formula that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-alcohol and safe
         for children

  • * Up to 30 washes - this depends on mask usage and washing methods. 

    Washing Instructions
    Please hand-wash with gentle soap for at least 30 seconds.  30 seconds is the minimum time needed for soap to break down the fatty outer coat of viruses and bacteria.  Rinse off soap and drip dry.  Do not scrub or scratch the surfaces of the masks as it can damage the coating.  To lengthen the effectiveness of the nano-film coating, we suggest you do not use lipstick before wearing the mask.  Also, please wipe off any oil and food stains on your mouth area before wearing the mask.

    Re-coating Your Face Mask
    We recommend you re-coat your mask after 20 washes, or after 10 washes if your face mask is in frequent contact with polluted air or dirty surfaces.  You can buy ViroQ Bottle Spray ( 30ml ) from our website at $32 per bottle.    

    AT Fusion Resonance Technology



    Benefit of Fusion Resonance?


    AT Factsheet

    Tested and proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi including influenza H1N1 and HFMD.  Also lab-tested to destroy coronaviruses such as MERS and SARS which are similar to Covid-19.  Removes odour and harmful gases. Coating can stay intact up to 30 washes with gentle washing.

    A green product, it reduces usage of harsh chlorine-based disinfectants that emit harmful gases.

    Lab Evidence of AT Fusion Resonance Technology