The Abonzo Story

Doi Chang is an Akha village near the Golden Triangle where the 3 countries of Thailand, Laos and Myammar meet.  The mountainous area of the Golden Triangle is well-known for poppy cultivation and drug trafficking. 

Marginalized by the countries that they settled in, most tribal villagers are unable to obtain citizenship and many have little education.  Disenfranchised and unemployed, many are lured into the drug trade. 

Moved by the social malaise that was entrapping his Akha tribe, Aaru left his cushy job in Bangkok to return home to Doi Chang.  He started Abonzo Coffee in order to create jobs for young villagers and to educate farmers on growing specialty coffee as a cash crop.   

Naturally Grown.  Ethically Produced.

Abonzo coffee is naturally grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The farmers use organic methods of farming to cultivate their coffee plants.  They are grown under shade.  

From the start, Abonzo coffee farmers receive fair trade prices for their coffee fruits. 100% Arabica, single origin of mixed varieties - yellow bourbon, red bourbon, pink bourbon, catuai and catimor -  the coffee beans are carefully plucked, processed, dried and cured before roasting. The specialty graded coffee is very aromatic, mildly sweet, has a pleasant taste and balanced body that is unique to Doi Chang.

Now, you can enjoy your morning coffee from the Akha people knowing that you are helping to push back a drug problem.

Who are the Akha?

The Akha people have an estimated population of 5 to 6 million people living in the mountains across China, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Generally, they are less educated than the local Thai majority and are often marginalized.  Moreover, many of them do not have citizenship, eliminating them from many job opportunities and making them vulnerable to exploitation.

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